Boric Acid Flea Treatment (Video)

Mark Govan discusses how to use Boric Acid for flea treatment in the home but does not discuss the dangers to pets as I mentioned in the first post in this series.

Again, less toxic options are always better choices than chemical flea treatments but use caution and research your options prior to using any product because natural does not always mean non-toxic!

Try diatomaceous earth instead.

Where do you buy diatomaceous earth for flea control?

Most people do not know where to buy diatomaceous earth for flea control.

For flea pest control, the best source for this product is in a health food store, a feed store, or online retailers–even eBay sells it but make sure it is food grade.

People mistakenly think they can purchase any diatomaceous earth for flea control but this is not true.

Do not buy filter grade or the garden pest control types.

Popular brands of food grade diatomaceous earth for flea control include D-Earth and Perma Guard.

For detailed information see our video on the use of diatomaceous earth to get rid of fleas.

Check out the new video on diatomaceous earth (DE ) for flea control .

Flea Treatments: Use Caution

Since I recently completed Flea Control Secrets (after extensive research and fact checking) it is a shock to see how much inaccurate flea treatment advice circulates.

Many people seek information on how to kill fleas, and although the advice shared may be well meaning, it can be downright deadly to your pet!

There is also a lot of conflicting information regarding the safety of “natural flea remedies.”

Believe it or not, some of those natural flea control treatments can be just as toxic as some of the chemical products available…more on that later.

Since the EPA Advisory I’ve been waiting to see if their update is going to appear (originally targeted for this month) but no word yet.

In the meantime two interesting announcements were released, Frontline Plus has launched a flea treatment reminder service and a study was finally published concerning the discovery of another flea and tick control product (funded by Merck).

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