Boric Acid Flea Treatment (Video)

Mark Govan discusses how to use Boric Acid for flea treatment in the home but does not discuss the dangers to pets as I mentioned in the first post in this series.

Again, less toxic options are always better choices than chemical flea treatments but use caution and research your options prior to using any product because natural does not always mean non-toxic!

Try diatomaceous earth instead.

Triangle of Successful Flea Control (Video)

To get rid of fleas the best strategy is to use the triangle of successful flea control. This flea treatment video shares this three sided approach that attacks fleas on the animal, inside the home, and outside in the yard and other areas.

Be sure to watch the seven flea control strategies to get more tips and hints for getting rid of fleas.

Capstar Cat Flea Treatment (Video)

In this video you can see how effective Capstar Cat Flea Treatment is–fleas are jumping off of Moose the cat within a half an hour of administration.

People want to know what the best flea treatment is but the answer is not so simple and actually depends on your preference, budget, and how your animal responds to flea medication.

You can be sure that I’ll tackle that topic in another post.